About the Photographer

Ken Druse is nationally known as a garden expert, and with the huge success of his titles –
The Natural Garden, The Natural Shade GardenThe Natural Habitat Garden, The Collector’s Garden, and Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation , — is America’s best-loved gardener. This last work is a bestseller and winner of “Best Book of the Year” from The American Horticultural Society; and “Award of the Year,” the highest honor, from the Garden Writers Association of America, of which he is also a fellow.  For Green Oasis in Brooklyn: The Evergreens Cemetery 1849-2008

Ken photographed the grounds of the cemetery over the course of a year capturing it’s unique and beautiful setting in more than 100 photographs that illustrate the book.

His book, Ken Druse: The Passion For Gardening won best book of the year from The American Horticultural Society, awarded in May, 2004.

In April, 2004, Ken received the Sarah Chapman Francis Medal for “Literary Achievement” from the Garden Club of America. This lifetime award was presented for Ken’s entire body of work communicating about gardening and the environment.

Ken has contributed both articles and photographs to nearly every gardening and decorating magazine and is a frequent contributor to The New York Times

He divides his time between his New York City studio, garden in New Jersey, and lecture engagements around the country.

“I was the kid who rescued the baby birds – and could nearly always be found playing in the dirt — building roads for my toy trucks and forts for my soldiers,” says Ken.

“My mother revered wildflowers, and I’ve inherited her need to pass along her feelings: to teach, communicate and share what I love about nature and gardening.

“My brain is always filled with ideas. I’m always tinkering with something — building a cabinet; making lamp shades out of paper and pressed flowers; painting the house or painting a picture; and always writing in my head.”

Ken continues, “I need to write, to share what I know about the subject I love. And I love to take pictures to enhance the words. BUT I ALWAYS WISH I HAD MORE TIME TO GARDEN.”